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Career at Evolta

Technology is evolving, and it is our responsibility to use that evolution for the benefit of all mankind. Our mission is to facilitate people’s daily lives with an attractive digital service that reduces unnecessary bureaucracy, improves transparency and is pleasant to use.

As we in Evolta believe in openness, transparency and trust, they are built inside us and the way we do our work. We also believe that transparency and trust are something cities around the world need. Collaboration, efficiency and well-being all evolve from openness.

How to succeed here? Individual success has to be defined personally. Life is better when we each know how we define our own success. It is important that you are successful at Evolta – on your own terms. The more successful you are individually the more successful Evolta will be as a company in making a lasting difference in the world.

After all, enthusiasm is highly contagious.

You will be hired as a whole person based on your values and your present and future capabilities. You are expected to change and grow, and we expect to adapt to each other over time.

If you would like to join our team to digitalise permit applications for built environments, please check our open positions below or send us an open application titled “Open application” to Tell us what your skills are, what inspires you and how you would like to change the world. What have you already achieved and what do you dream of achieving? Would we be able to offer you something that would make you proud?