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On this page, you will find descriptions of the personal data files for Evolta Ltd’s marketing register in accordance with chapter 2, section 10 of the Personal Data Act.

Evolta Ltd’s marketing register

Description of the personal data file in accordance with chapter 2, section 10 of the Personal Data Act

Updated on 3 May 2017

1 Controller

Evolta Ltd (Business ID: 2795153-5), Hämeenkatu 13 A, 33100 Tampere, tel. +358 400 652 734

2 Contact information for matters related to the register

Questions concerning the register must be submitted by email to jari.hirvonen [at]

3 Name of the register

Evolta Ltd’s marketing register

4 Purpose of use

Evolta Ltd’s marketing register is used for the direct marketing of its products, services and events and for corresponding measures.

5 Data content

The register may contain the following information:


Organisation and position

Address of organisation

Email address

Telephone number

Other information submitted by the person

6 Regular sources of data

Data for the marketing register is obtained through customer relationships, via Evolta Ltd’s website (contact forms, downloads, newsletter subscription forms), registrations for Evolta Ltd’s events and generally available online sources.

7 Regular disclosure of data

The controller does not disclose personal data to third parties, unless the Finnish authorities so require.

8 Deletion of data from the register

Data can be deleted and modified at the request of the person in question. Requests must be submitted to the email address provided under item 2.

9 Data protection principals of the register

Personal data is stored confidentially. The register can be accessed only by Evoltas employees who need the data for their assignments. The data network and equipment of the controller and its possible information technology partners are protected using a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

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protected using a firewall and other necessary technical measures.